Miniland | Emoti BLOCKS


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Minilands Emotiblocks are an excellent educational learning toy that can help smaller children or children with special needs become familiar with basic emotions. 

The set contains characters with interchangeable pieces which enable children to freely create likeable characters that can encourage talk on feelings , facial expressions , reading emotions and more : there are over 100 possible combinations!

This game comes with activity cards and is an entertaining tool to help children become familiar with the main emotions. 

The game is designed for children aged 2 and over and is based on the following characteristics:

• Recognition and identification of facial gestures.

• Recognition and identification of basic emotions.

• Learning of values: tolerance, empathy, racial diversity.

• Acquisition of vocabulary. 

The blocks can of course be used in multiple learning enhancement including every day play and free style play .   just having the blocks to play with can encourage talk on emotions and feelings.  


Each block is approx 12cm when constructed and this set contains 6 worksheets 

Emotiblocks has won 4 prestigious international awards:

 Suitable for children over 2 years .