Single Player Games

Single Player Games

Single Player Games are up their on my all time favourite thing, closely followed by Co-Operative Games.

I truly believe that all kids need to be able to engage with games in a solo way. It brings an element of concentration that is not hindered by in game chit chat or distractions. It allows them time to set their own pace. Whoever is playing the game is playing to their own goals. It's enjoyable when you achieve something as it just yourself who put in the effort. From a family dynamic perspective its great for all kids to have some solo time without siblings (or parents) to wind down. For parents a great thing to send the kids to opposite ends of the house with their own game and a time and have peace to have a cuppa, a wine or make a phone call in peace.

Most single player games are great at teaching sequencing, strategy and logic. These are essential skills for daily life.

single player games

Smart Games are the main brand we stock, and each Smart Game follows a similar process no matter the actual game. There are levels that start at beginner and end up at expert or genius. Each level requires the game to be 'set up' for that level, then be worked through to find a solution. I personally find the repetitive nature of the set up and solving calming as it is consistent so I don't have to relearn something different each time. 

They are great for calming down, relaxing, utilising and stretching our brain muscles are perfect as there is no set game time or beginning or end, do a single challenge, ten or 20 - whatever you feel like.

We stock games from as young as three year olds and you are never too old!

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