birthday party gift ideas

The Best Kids Birthday Party Gifts for $20 or under

birthday party gifts


We'd all like to buy quality gifts but often we are stretched for money or just prefer not to spend a lot given how many parties the kids can often attend each year (you do the math!!). So we've put together a bunch of suggestions for quality gifts that kids will love that won't break the bank. The biggest suggestion is also to keep it simple, one or two good things rather than a bag full of things that will be long forgotten or end up in the garbage. 

  1. Gift Voucher. A $20 gift voucher that a child can come and use to buy something they want is priceless!! Think less about the value of the voucher and instead on the joy of a child being able to come and choose the thing they want. You can buy vouchers from us in store or online - ask us how if you're not sure.
  2. Small Games. We sell loads of cool card games and dice games for $20 or under. A few of our best sellers include Avocado Smash, Addict A Ball, 5 Second Rule, Chess, Grid Locked and Tenzi.
  3. Nail Polish & Jewellery. Bundle 2 items and you've got yourself an instant gift!
  4. Puzzles. Plenty of timber puzzles for the little ones, Ravensburger for the mid ones and 3d timber brain teaser puzzles too.
  5. Activity Toys. Things like Hovercopter by Tiger Tribe, Diabolo, Marbles, Gliders, Pop/Jump Rockets and Twirling Ribbons.
  6. Colouring In. Tiger Tribe colouring in sets are $20 and a perfect gift option!
  7. Putty. Aaron's Crazy Thinking Putty - put 2 together and bam - perfect gift for kids who love sensory stuff.
  8. Playdough. Kids of a huge variety of ages love and benefit from playing with dough, don't think its just for toddlers. Great news too, ours is Australian Made.
  9. Lego. We love gifting base plates with a small box of Lego.
  10. Sensory Sand. Great indoor activity with no mess clean up and like the putty its great for sensory seekers and kids with anxiety.
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