Batasaurus Card Game | Djeco | DJ5136

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Dinosaur attacks and retaliation. A 10-minute, 2-4 player memory based strategy game featuring dinosaurs.  

Each dinosaur is associated with a number from 1 to 12 indicating what it's strength is (12 being the strongest and 1 the weakest).

Players take turns to turn over a card of their choice from their 12 cards and place it in the middle of the table. Then, with play moving in a clockwise direction around the table, the other players in turn each choose one of their cards, and place it in the middle of the table. Whoever played the strongest card wins all the cards played and puts them in a pile to one side as a stock of points won.

Features 48 cards with illustrated dinosaurs ready to attack. 

Players: 2-4 Players.

Time: 10 Minutes.

Aim of the game: Collect the most cards with the highest points. 

Suitable for ages: 5+ years