Bonikka Dolls | Maliah Linen Doll with Black Hair | 5165M


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Bonikka Doll - Maliah with Black Hair & Grey Linen Dress is a gorgeous doll, making her the perfect cuddle companion for littlies. She has ebony black hair, swept up in a pair of cute piggy tails that frame her peachy soft face and rosy cheeks. In her brown mary jane shoes and grey linen Maliah is always ready for a cuddle or a tea party. 

Bonikka have created an exceptional range of meticulously crafted, cuddly and wholesome dolls with the same name. Bonikka is the word used for ‘doll’ in the Sinhalese dialect spoken in Sri Lanka, where the dolls are produced. In the few years since the Bonikka range launched, Bonikka dolls have become an international phenomenon and are distributed internationally having now won numerous awards. 

Bonikka dolls are produced using environmentally friendly manufacturing processes under the GOTS Standard.  

Learning Opportunities: Imaginative Role Play – Comfort Toy – Baby Gift

Suitable for Ages: Newborn and up
Dimensions: 39cm H x 15cm W x 6cm D
Materials: The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) was introduced in 2006 to ensure textile products maintain their organic status from harvest through to labelling. Products featuring this standard have been produced using environmentally friendly manufacturing processes by businesses that have shown a social responsibility to their local communities.