Buildzi - The speed building game


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Meet Buildzi - by the makers of TENZI, SLAPZI, ITZI and PAIRZI. 

The speed building game! Buildzi is a game for  2-4 players full of fast stacking, nerve-racking gameplay! 

How to Play: 

Tower Card BUILDZI
1.Put the BUILDZI Blocks in a pile in the centre and deal everyone one tower card (yellow/black side facing up).
2.Someone says “Go” and everyone immediately flips over their tower card at the same time (so that the multi-coloured side is revealed).
3.Everyone quickly starts grabbing blocks from the centre pile. The first player to build their tower and shout “BUILDZI” wins!

For more challenging games try building the towers on the yellow/black side. These towers are a bit trickier to build and don’t have colours to help identify the blocks!

Block Card BUILDZI
1.Put the BUILDZI Blocks in a pile in the centre. Each player gets one complete set of 8 Block Cards. (There are four different sets of Block Cards: Green, Orange, Blue and Pink).
2.Players shuffle their set of Block Cards and place them face down in front of them.
3.Someone says “Go” and everyone immediately starts flipping over their cards one at a time. After each card is flipped players quickly grab that block from the centre pile and add it to their tower.
4.The first player to build their tower and shout “BUILDZI” wins!



Yet behind the scenes, there was another story playing out. Kevin’s son, Collin (who had invented SLAPZI), had another idea for a game. He told his father, “When kids play with blocks, they’re usually slow and deliberate. Why don’t we take regular building blocks and turn them into a speed game?” Kevin liked where Collin was headed and suggested he make a prototype. 

A few weeks later, Collin pitched the idea to Kevin and Steve. Steve also liked the concept of a speed building game, but he didn’t like using regular old blocks. So off and on over the next three years the guys would meet and, bit-by-bit, improve the game, which they had started calling BUILDZI. But those old block shapes continued to bother Steve…so when he stumbled upon the cool pentomino shapes you see in the game now, well things just fell into place!

Of all the games that Kevin and Steve have created, BUILDZI has taken the longest, by far. But, as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

We hope you enjoy!