Learning can be fun | Colours, shapes & numbers Flash Cards


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Say the number… draw the shape … name the purple pictures!
The bright, familiar illustrations on the Learning Can Be Fun Colours flashcards are designed to appeal to young children learning colours, shapes and numbers 1-10. The uncluttered presentation and the simple and clear grouping of objects will make it easy for the child to count the pictures and name the coloured objects.
This set of flash cards shows:
• 11different colours and the variety of ways colours can be represented – colour (yellow splat), word (yellow)and picture representation (yellow moon, duck and dinosaur)
• 10 different shapes, showing the shapes written word and a variety of different designs of the shape.
• Numbers 1-10, showing the different ways numbers can be represented – number symbol (7), number word (seven) and picture representation (seven turtles).
Activity guide includes numerous ways of using these 62 flash cards.
Each laminated card has rounded edges for easy sorting and measures 87mm x 123mm.
Contents include:
• 22 double-sided colour cards
• 20 double-sided shape cards
• 20 double-sided number card
• 3 double-sided activity guide card