Diversity Doll with Down Syndrome Features


Come and meet our gorgeous Diversity Dolls with Down Syndrome Features - they are the perfect addition to your doll family. Great at showing inclusion, diversity and ensuring representation - and they are just a super cute and adorable doll.


Measuring 40cm and with varying expressions, hair colour and skin tones, anatomically correct, boy and girl varieties, select your favourite today. Each doll comes dressed with an outfit, but please note the outfits pictured are a representation as the supplier routinely changes the patterns on the clothing on each doll without notice. Girl dolls come with a dress and underwear, boy dolls come with pants and a shirt - all with velcro openings for easy dressing.

The dolls are hard bodied however the belly and limbs can be squeezed so are softer than other hard bodied doll brands. 

Made in spain.