Doda Yoga | Focus & Concentration


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  • INTRODUCTION TO THE YOGA WORLD: This Doda Yoga kit represents a fun and approachable introduction to the yoga world.. The Yoga character leading this series is not a "super model" – she is curvy, clumsy and funny – and she sends a strong message- if I can do it- anyone can! Each set includes illustrated cards with Yoga poses, and is designed as a full yoga session. Great care was made in illustrating not only the final pose but also the way to get there thus assisting children to work independently.
  • FOCUS AND CONCENTRATION: This Yoga kit is designed as a morning yoga session as it helps the child to focus ahead of a busy school day. Regular Yoga sessions can be an important alternative or an addition to treatment for ADHD and hyperactivity and emotional issues. Consult your physician for further details and options.
  • YOGA FOR KIDS AND ADULTS: Doda Yoga is a fun educational guide for kids and parents- to learn, practice, and enjoy yoga. . This kit offers a great bonding experience between a child and their parents.
  • BENEFITS: whilst doing yoga is always fun for boys and girls, Yoga can be an excellent tool for educational purposes by teachers in the classroom. Yoga is known for enhancing self-confidence, improving general mood, reducing stress and anxiety and supporting general well-being. Kids will love this creative learning experience.
  • COMPACT & CONVENIENT: Perfectly sized, this set comes in a compact high-quality tin box that conveniently fits into any travel bag or backpack next to your kids' yoga mat. Popular birthday gift or present.
  • WHAT'S INSIDE: The Doda Yoga educational kit - Focus & Concentration box includes illustrated yoga cards for kids with detailed instructions, and offers hours of fun and entertainment. Recommended for ages - 6 years old and up.