Logiblocs STEM Kits | Various


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Looking for a STEM activity for your kids that they can do independently? Logiblocs are the best!

5 Different sets to choose from.


Secret Recorder: Includes the essential blocks needed for creating awesome spy gadgets. You can build 7 kinds of innovative systems with your own recorded messages. Amaze your friends with your new spy gadget!

Smart Circuits: These blocks can be turned into 10 different smart circuits. Change the input trigger and logic control to make your own gadgets that perform various functions like detecting rain or metal. 

Alarm Tech: Make your own alarms using Logiblocs.  Kit includes a light sensor, switch button, beeper and a range of other blocks to make more than 30 detectors and alarm systems including an intruder alarm, night light and more!

Spy Tech: This Spy Tech kit allows you to build gadgets that every spy needs.  Build more than 30 kinds of detectors and alarm systems. You can even record your own message for the alarm!

Alarms & Doorbell: Includes the essential blocks for building different alarms. Try making your own intruder alarm or Morse code machine as well as many other gadgets that can be used in your daily life.


Ages 5+