Matching Expressions


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This educational wooden feelings and emotions game is suitable for 3 years plus and comes with 4 wooden bingo style game cards each with 6 different multicultural faces displaying a different emotion.  There are 24 wooden game tiles with matching expressions.  

Suggested game play could be:  Put the tiles face down and each player take a turn to pick one tile.  If it matches what they have on their board they they lay it on top of their matching face. then take another turn.  If it doesn't match return it to the game and the next player takes a turn.  Continue until the winner has all 6 faces matched.  To add to the interest each player should name the emotion the character is showing eg:  confused, sad, happy, angry, hungry, worried. 

Game pieces store safely in the wooden box with a sliding lid.  The box measures 22cm x 20cm x 5cm