Miniland | Maze Balance Board Game


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Maze Balance Board is a balancing game which asks you to build different courses and mazes that the ball can move around, putting your craftsmanship and equilibrium to the test.

This game develops spatial orientation and balance by rewarding precision and coordinated movements. 

It comes with 1 activity guide, 11 pcs to make up the course, 6 balls, 1 board, 6 activity sheets

Up to 4 games to promote balance, psychomotricity and construction

Game 1 - The child must tilt the board to make the ball move down the path until  it makes it to the end of the circuit that they have created thanks to the 6 maze idea sheets supplied.
Game 2 - Once you have put together the circuits indicated on the game pieces, the child can then use the 9 components to make their own combinations and create a variety of new challenges. The child can move in circles on the starting piece or fall into a trap and manage to get out.
Game 3 - Two people may take turns playing. Each must select one of the colors and play as indicated.
Game 4 - Laterality. This game may be played to reinforce learning left and right. Ask the child to build circuits in which the ball moves from left to right. This will introduce the concept of reading-writing direction.