Paola Reina Doll | 32cm Monica


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Meet Monica with her beautiful oriental features, blue eyes and long straight blond hair. She wears an autumnal outfit that consists of a swan-neck sweater, gray leggings and raincoat, hat and boots in deep pink. Monica also has her own pink heart shaped hairbrush. How nice this pink feels! Features: Soft vanilla scented The dolls eyes are made of hard plastic (eyes do not close) The dolls low flammable nylon hair is securely sewn Facial features are hand painted (eyebrows, lips, cheeks) Clothes are made with quality fabrics designed by the Paola Reina team Comes with her own heart shaped hair brush Do not immerse doll in water Approximate Size: 32cm tall PVC free of phthalates Not anatomically correct

Suitable for ages 3+

Made in Spain