Personalised Wooden Name Train


Our gorgeous Wooden Alphabet Train Letters are a perfect gift for any age. Adorable as newborn gifts or first birthdays and even more fun for older kids who can play with their own name! 

Our Personalised Wooden Trains are made with natural beech wood and no stain has been applied. The unique characteristic of these letters is that no two letters are identical, each letter will have their own markings and shades due to timber variations.

3+ for play but any age for room decor.

Length of each letter and carriage varies but appx 7cm long x 6cm high x 4cm deep.  

To purchase a wooden alphabet train, please select the total number of items you need for each letter and add to cart to make up your name, and add Engine and Carriage as desired. 

please note Price is per letter or carriage.


Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Ree McGregor-Ruhle
Very happy

Will look good in sons room

Sarah Smale

The perfect gift!

Very happy with purchase

Letters were good quality and exactly what I ordered


Love it

Cherie Hazell
Very Unhappy

First off I never ordered the Engine of the Train as I already have one. Second all the letters of my Granddaughter that I ordered never arrived except the Engine. Then they when I phoned I GOT THE ORDER WRONG. Ok I must be very old fashion but I was taught in Business College and by my Parents/Grandparents who owned a wonderful business that the "Customer Is Always Right". Dosen't give you the right to tell me I am wrong. Truly I added each 6 letter of my Granddaughters name in the basket and then went to paying section. Even the box that the Engine arrived in had 6 pieces written on it.

Thank you for taking the time to give a one star review. As we said on the phone your order contained one engine ($4.50) and shipping ($10). This total of $14.50 is what was charged to your credit card. As we also stated if your card reflects something different in terms of charges please provide us with the evidence. You also received a confirmation email of your order of 1 x engine. You didn't bother to contact the shop when this arrived minutes after your order was placed.
We pride ourselves in our service so do not write a review claiming 'old school' values that the customer is always right when you were sent exactly what was ordered and paid for. Then have the audacity to place a review saying we have done the wrong thing. By all means provide us with some form of evidence that you ordered or were charged more than what has been sent throughout the correspondence of this transaction.
We look forward to seeing an order confirmation or AMEX receipt for a purchase greater than the $14.50 charged