Ravensburger | Ramses Junior Game


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A simplified version of Ramses II for children.

The nine animals of the young pharaoh are hidden below the pyramids. The players assume the role of explorers and search for them. An animal card is turned over. The active player moves pyramids like a sliding puzzle until he reveals an animal (or the mummy). If he found the correct animal, he takes the card. In any case, it's now the next player's turn.

The animal stack contains two kinds of special cards: When a sandstorm appears, the whole board is rotated, making it harder to memorize animal positions and free paths.
When the mummy is wanted, a turntable below the board is rotated, causing the hidden mummy to move to another place. For the extra effort, finding the mummy you get a bonus pharaoh card.

When the card stack runs out, the player who collected most cards wins.