SpyX | Micro Spy Devices | Various


These SpyX accessories are great for kids to use their brains and imaginations and get off the screens. In the range there is Micro Listener, Micro Spy Light, Motion Alarm, Micro Spy Scope - select your desired items in the dropdown menu. 


Motion Detector: detects motion from up to 1.5m and triggers vibration sensor

Micro Spy Scope: Lets you light up the night using a magnified minocular with built in light, see up to 7.6m away in the dark

Micro Listener: Device has an input microphone, removable earbud for listening and a clip and storage cord.

Micro Spy Light: Clip it to your ear and turn it on for an LED light to enable seeing at night for all secret missions.




batteries may be required, not supplied.