WOKI | My First Coding Robot


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Get started in the programming world with WOKI, the robot who can detect colours and make a different action depending on the colour. Help Woki to solve the maze by programming its route through colour nodes, be careful with red colour!

Build a maze with 81 available tiles, use the color coding chips to program your movements and help Woki to solve it! Woki follows the line and then when he recognizes colors he performs different pre-programmed actions. Combine the tiles in different ways to create infinite mazes or follow the instructions to assemble the pre-designed ones (60 different challenges).

Suitable for 5+ 

  • Learn coding and robotics.
  • Program with colours. Each colour is a different action or direction. Place the colour tokens in order to win.
  • Solve the 16 mazes included. Create your own mazes, a huge range of possibilities.
  • RGB sensor: colour detector.
  • Learning benefits: logics, problem solving, stem learning, and cognitive thinking.
  • Robot works with 3 AAA batteries (not included).