Cooperative Games and why we love them

Cooperative Games and why we love them

We thought we'd mention why we like (no, love!) them so much for those of you that are yet to try them out with your kids.

kids cooperative gamesSo a co-op or Co-Operative game is a game where players work together, instead of against each other. Generally they are working together as a team to try to beat the game or achieve a common goal within the game. This means there has to be lots of dialogue between players as they discuss the best move each player can take, the order of things, decode information and agree on a course of action, encourage each other and work out what's coming next - which are all great for literacy and social skills. It also means the focus of the game is not on 'me' or 'you' but 'US' and removes the individual competitiveness that a lot of games have.

This makes it a much more pleasant experience for everyone, especially those kids who maybe have a little too much enthusiasm for winning, or the kids who have anxiety about making the right move, winning, loosing and being the best or the worst.

We find co-op games are also really good for families with kids across a wide age range. Older kids can help and mentor the younger ones who will learn by watching, and even if mistakes are made by younger players they won't be personally penalised.

co-operative gamesThey are also great for their ability to be replayed over and over because the outcome or game process is different each time as different moves and actions are taken.

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