Floor Puzzles and why we love them

Floor Puzzles and why we love them

Floor puzzles are something we sell a lot of, but there are lots of people who overlook them, so we thought we'd share just how awesome they are.

floor puzzles for kidsFloor puzzles get the child's whole body involved so you'll often see them up on all fours, squatting, kneeling, crawling around and reaching over.

This is great for gross motor development, balance and sensory input. You often get kids 'crossing the midline' too which is where they use their right hand to reach to the left side of their body and vice versa. This is a hugely important gross motor skill for later in life and also assists with pre-writing and handwriting development.


Floor puzzles are also a great group activity and allow kids to either do parallel play (playing side by side without much interaction) or cooperation to finish the puzzle.  During this shared time it also helps them with vocabulary and social skills.

The other thing that we love is that it works to a child's developmental stage. Not all little (or big) kids are able to sit comfortably at a table and do an activity like a puzzle, so floor puzzles allow them to work physically where they are at developmentally and you are more likely to get the puzzle finished with a cheery kid than a frustrated child who is uncomfortable at a table or bored of the puzzle very quickly. 

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