Lottie - Why is she so awesome?

Lottie - Why is she so awesome?

We love Lottie so much, for so many reasons.

Based on the average proportions of a nine-year-old child rather than those of an adult woman, Lottie Dolls celebrate childhood and promote the empowerment of children by encouraging kids:

  • to be themselves
  • to play – imaginatively and adventurously
  • to have fun!

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Inspired by Real Kids

Kids - in all their glorious, heart-warming and life-affirming diversity - inspire us every day:

  • Kids who refuse to be put into boxes
  • Kids who aren’t going to wait until they’re grown up, to change the world
  • Kids who’ve decided that the moment is now!

And we want to encourage all kids – regardless of gender, ability or ethnicity - to follow all their dreams. “Business impacts children. And therefore, we must let children impact business.” At Lottie Dolls’ HQ, we couldn’t agree more.

Let kids be kids. 

We live in a social media age with body image and self-esteem issues – especially for women and girls - often making the headlines. The bodies of many dolls are based on the proportions of an idealised and unrealistic 18-to-35-year-old woman complete with breasts, make-up and high-heels.  But, did you know that Lottie Dolls’ bodies are based on those of 9-year-old kids? 

So the message we’re sending out via Lottie? 

Let kids be kids. 

Because childhood is precious. And childhood seems to be getting shorter than ever!


Lottie is great at showing diversity among the human population, from a kids perspective. In the collection of Lottie dolls we have all the usual suspects like Snow Queen and Fairy dolls, because we could all do with a little fantasy play right!! But we also have dolls of various skin tones and ethnicities, dolls with cochlear implants, dolls who are nerdy and love fossils and stargazing, dolls with autism, brave dolls in hospital and of course the much anticipated Sinéad Doll representing a real life Diversity Advocate with Achondroplasia/Dwarfism who we hope to have in stock later this year.

Treasuring Childhood Memories.

We recognize how precious childhood is. And in the face of growing pressure – from a variety of sources – how short it can be. At Lottie Dolls, we like to think of childhood as a safe and uncomplicated place where:

  • kids can be kids
  • the great outdoors is there for the exploring
  • curiosity-led discoveries are a daily occurrence
  • the imagination can run free
  • the only limit is bedtime!

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