Ocamora - Wooden toys made with a lot of love

Ocamora - Wooden toys made with a lot of love

Ocamora is the latest stunning wooden toy range to hit Australia and we are one of the very few selected retailers carrying the range and are so excited to bring it to our customers.

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Ocamora make their toys in an artisanal way with environmentally friendly materials.

Ocamora was created in early 2016 by Laura and Gregorio, as a link of their respective experiences, with the intention of creating a company in which they could work in what they really liked, outdoors and surrounded by nature, and above all, being able to share time with family.

We have a large variety of the range from rainbows and trees to construction sets, caves, arches and mountains. We expect the shipment to sell out shortly and stock will be available again around September 2020.

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All their gorgeous products are made with wood from sustainable forests with FSC and PEFC certification and all complies with the European toy safety standard UNE EN 71/3. 

Something important that you have to keep in mind when buying an Ocamora wooden toy, and that is that it comes directly from a tree, and the trees have veins and knots, it is natural and we love it, they are special, perfect, as they grow in Nature, and also, if you are lucky enough to find one in your toy, 'you will have a unique piece! 

Ocamora Rainbow

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