What to do at home

The Kids Play Toys Mega List of Stuff To Do while you are stuck at home

We've collated a heap of resources, activities and ideas for you - all in one place!  They are not our ideas so we've credited the original owners of course, but we felt you would like having a bunch of them in one place, so we've curated our favourites into an easy to use list!

So if you have kids at home that are craving activities, or you just want 5 minutes peace, check out the list below.

Ford Car Themed Activities - Great for car loving kids and there is a mix of downloadable/printable colouring in sheets, word search, mazes, dot to dot and origami and also some online activities and videos. 

Animal Themed Activities - One of our amazing suppliers Wild Republic has a bunch of animal themed colouring in sheets all in one place, plus they have an Animal Fact page kids can learn about different animals. 

David Zinn Chalk CreaturesMake Chalk Creatures on your pavement - You can adapt this for all ages so I really love it. Younger kids can simply draw basic shapes or faces, perhaps using cracks in pavement for a mouth or loose rocks as eyes once you give them some pointers. Slightly older kids can most likely find little imperfections in the path, pavers or concrete or little weeds like the image and attempt to turn them into doodles and creatures. Artists and those highly skilled can attempt to meet David Zinn's challenge!!

Making Seed Bombs - A great activity for tween aged children. Perfect to make for gifts for friends and family. The main things you will need is some paper, seeds a blender and ice block moulds - watch the linked video for full list and instructions.

Indoor Laser Course - This is great as they can be tailored for all ages. ninja courseThe Laser Course is an easy one to do with wool or streamers and blu-tac and just make it the right height and difficulty for your kids.

Indoor Obstacle Course - This is one we do a lot and it can be super quick to set it up if you have a range of activities in mind even if you don't have a lot of equipment. Things like crawling under chairs or table, following a tape line on the floor on tippy toes, standing and throwing teddies into a washing basket, hopping, twirling, crawling like a snake and jumping. I like the article linked because it gives you ideas on how to tailor it to your child/ren. In my house we do mostly gross motor activities like crawling, jumping, push ups, crab walks, star jumps, balancing and throwing, but I love how you can incorporate whatever you want including fine motor activities and learning based stuff. If you all end up exhausted and laughing at the end you are doing it right!


Audio Books and Podcasts - There is an abundance out there but our suggestions are BorrowBox for audio books (and they do e-books if that is up your alley) as they have a large range for kids of varying ages and interests, you can play directly via the app or download them and play on a device of your choice at a later date. ABC Kids Listen has a mix of mini stories, pod casts and news - we like the News Podcasts as they are about 6 minutes and cover world news in a kid friendly way. We have the app on our family device. Spotify also has a podcast section and you can filter by kids, adult, education etc and we like Science Adventure Stories For Kids.

lottieLottie Dolls - They have a range of activities on their website from printable sheets, online fashion apps and videos to Strong Women Biographies to study and learn about some amazing women. 

Melissa & DougMelissa & Doug - On their blog they have a huge variety of printable worksheets suitable for preschool and lower primary aged kids. 

Deep SeaThe Deep Sea - We love this interactive website (can access on your phone or any other device) where kids can explore the depths of the ocean. Scroll down and see which creatures live at which level of the ocean right down to the ocean floor.

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